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December 4-10
Decorating the Avengers tree with Bob
Chatting snacks with Natasha
Spidey notes the anniversary
May, this Biology final is a very serious matter!

December 11-17
Talent show, talking education with Pink
Encountering Trowa as a much younger child
Performing with Kurt
Dishing out hats afterward
And an attempted surprise attack on Logan

non-canon: look at all this test-driving
hope | warren | scott

December 18-24
See, Callie, he isn't always an oversensitive bore
Accepting Raven's resignation

December 25-31
Ohmygod it's Bones!

January 1-7
Clint and Shulkie are off on a Caribbean adventure
Tony plots passive-aggressive revenge
Amanda's feeling old

January 8-14
Ggio's got homework troubles
First day of school everybody let's go!
Oh it's Terry Ward again
Stein what are you doing

January 15-21
Stephen's got some yogurt business going

January 22-28
Tony's got some cruise idea forming

non-canon: oh sup idie

January 29-February 4

February 5-11
Making a return, fully briefed on matters
Then straight to the mansion to look at the specimen
And Bobbi needs a friend
Mr. Strider is not the most well-behaved student

test driving
doc nemesis
emma frost

February 12-18
Selina needed a place to crash

February 19-25
Zelgadis encounters difficulties
Quire's not the first student one would hoped to see
Might be best to warn Charles
Dropping in on Stein at NOHoPE
Blake still has some bitterness at the town hall meeting
Box is here and he's confused
Carol declares open war
Spidey notices our misplaced specimen
This Skrull wasn't pleased to be replacing Shirley

February 26-29
A useful discovery, a day late
Oh, poor Angie :C
Rachel makes her return just in time!

March 1-3
Gwen requests special instruction

March 4-10
Talking time with Natasha, she loves that
Dumping some feelings with Rachel
The result isn't quite what anyone expected

March 11-31
Except to pester Bullseye because that is Always Smart

April 1-7
Showing off the new digs

April 8-14
Karkat needs advice on powers
Playing welcoming committee to Jake

April 15-21
Oh...hi, Danger

ten things meme

April 22-30

May 1-5

May 6-12
Madison's having confidence issues
Giving Moon Knight a warm welcome
Now Bob's feeling down, too
Carol drops in for a visit

May 13-19
Julian's pushing forward
Samson among the Philistines
You'll miss us, Santo, don't play
Charles and Erik are formulating a plan
Rachel's got cats

brother-jamming with monet
not talking about osborn with reilly

May 20-26
Chatting with Peter about books and tasteless humor
Bob's thoughts on singing
Poking at Stein and his thought exercises
Oh hi Nemesis

May 27-31
Poker therapy times

June 1-9
Welcoming in a Mancha
Wordplay for Carol
Welcome back, Kotter McCoy

June 10-16
Quentin's highway to the Danger zone
Down at the Pie Hole, sampling the wares
At prom, with food
Chilling with Tom
Pestering Nemesis
Turning the dancefloor into a stage with Scatty
Then they have to break up a fight

June 17-23

June 24-30
still stuck in sanfran
non-canon: hi hank it's hank

July 1-7
Home from SanFran just in time for a reunion
Checking in with Bobbi
Vriska talks about lusii, doesn't talk about her fight with Davesprite
Welcoming Carol back the only way he knows how

July 8-14
Bob's back in action
Bruce joins the Club
Charles' time away has changed some things

July 15-21
The City receives an influx of Powers
Rachel is bored
Clint's back, time for a hair consultation
Reilly puts out the fire with gasoline

July 22-28
That's the joy of parenthood, Zee!
T'Challa checking in
Cross, oh Cross, never change

July 19-31
Pherson, why so generic villain speech?
Cross' birthday among the lions
Giving Vic the grand tour
The saddest Magneto

August 1-4
Quentin, that's rude
World events have Jaime on edge

August 5-11
Carol's gone 3:
Commiserating with Madison over mutual anxieties as this project hits the home stretch

August 12-18
Tony's looking into this international scene
Kurt's disregarding borders
Danger takes a break, contemplates humanity

August 19-25
Hank is in Hell
And afterwards is working the clinic and Tired As Hell

August 26-31
Callie calls for a status update

September 1-8
Chatting up Curt Connors
And then they set up a playdate
Maxwell checking announcing their tour
Peter and Mordin have their own development

September 9-15
Skyfire needs a job
Bradbury's getting used to the new scenery

September 16-22
Rachel's back again, things are awkward
Island refuges, Feferi? Let's please not
Back home and girlfriend is gone

September 23-30
Avengers meeting: Always talking snacks with Natasha, More into business with Tony
Meeting Bradbury at the DOI party

October 1-6
Charles checks in once more
non-canon Cheria's food stand

Kurt you are tiny
Rachel look how tiny Kurt is
Making plans with Peter
Dropping deets to Babs
Angie why are being such a grown up!

October 7-13
Cross is trying to be a parent

October 14-20
In Venezuela, running across Julian
And Kenzi also

October 21-27
oh whoops

October 28-31
Carol's back!

November 1-10
It's a wedding, that's a happy occasion, right?
Red Alert knows, folks need to cool their jets
Julian especially needs to cool his jets

November 11-17
One more year for Kurt
Yo Jaime what's the haps
Quentin's starting trouble, shocker
non-canon: oh bob :c

November 18-24
The new Avengers gym will need a staff
And Max has secrets spilling out into the open

November 25-30
Dr. Connors returns with feelings, problems