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The Xavier Institute For Higher Learning, located in the heart of the Bronx, grants students K-12 a safe and friendly environment in which to explore the finer points of the educational process. Specializing in imPort affairs, though not terribly exclusive either, services are also offered to train imPorts in the safe use of their unique abilities, and assist them in identifying them if such is necessary.

It runs for the most part on a similar schedule to the New York Department Of Education calendar.

Institute Staff
Employee Position
Kurt Wagner Headmaster
Teacher: Theater, German
Possibly Fencing also
Scathach Teacher: Latin, Combat
Pietro Maximoff Teacher: English, Woodworking
Daniel Dreiberg Teacher: Biology
Peter Parker Substitute: Science
Zatanna Zatara Teacher: Remedial Magic (part-time)

PC Student Roster
Name Grade (2013-2014)
Calvin First
Rose Lalonde Tenth
"Lamont" (Larsa) Solidor Tenth

(there are npc students as well, so feel free to refer to them as you will)

Graduate Class Of
Gemma Doyle 2010
Allison Dillon 2011
Charlie Gage-Radcliffe 2012
Julian Keller 2012
Sofia Mantega 2012
May Parker 2012
Johnny Storm 2012
Santo Vaccarro 2012
Jessica Wakefield 2012
Kate Bishop 2013
Daria Morgendorffer 2013
Nill 2013

Kurt Wagner


The facilities also include:
⊗ A gamesroom ⊗
⊗ A courtyard (including a garden, basketball & tennis courts) ⊗
⊗ A cafeteria ⊗
⊗ An auditorium ⊗
⊗ A library ⊗
⊗ A subbasement WITH a Med Lab & Danger Room (students need permission to run this!) ⊗
⊗ Classrooms, some equipped with holoprojectors ⊗
⊗ Dorm Rooms ⊗
⊗ Staff Offices + Lunch Room ⊗
⊗ An X-Jet ⊗

Other Notes:
⊗ School year runs from Sept-June. Summer courses are also offered! ⊗
⊗ Prom is in June and is open to all grades & imPorts of all ages ⊗

If there's any information missing or incorrect, or if you have any updates to make to it, please let us know! If you have a character you'd like to enroll in the school, or have them get a job here, this is a great place to mention it! Just be sure to fill out the form below. If you'd like to have an IC thread or log to arrange that position, [personal profile] themisfit would be the person to set that up with.

Also feel free to use this post to construct IC plots involving the Institute. We're pretty much always open for a visit, if your character is so inclined.

old version for archival purposes

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