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December 1-8
A flu consult for Kang
City Hall needs some holiday spirit
Checking in on Dr. Connors
Watson's on a job hunt
A bout of anniversary blues meets a personal crisis

December 9-15
Continuing the investigation into Max's affairs with the killer herself

December 16-22
Santa comes to City Hall! And gives Max Gibson a laugh while he's at it

December 23-31
Shinjiro stops by to see the school

January 1-5

January 6-12
Cross is going bump in the night
Max needs something to kill time with
Scatty's out, feeling restless
Peter checks in after an absence

January 13-19
At the Winter Carnival, running into potential trouble

January 20-26
jeez :/

January 27-31
X-Club shows off its wares
Followed by a confrontation with Cross
Then Bradbury comes in for a consult

February 1-9
Connors, you're scaring me
Well, doesn't Nelson have such a nice and encouraging message here!
Flash has funny ideas about how to meet women

February 10-16
Carol is notices how boring the City can be
Dr. Natu shows herself in
Pietro has an announcement on things he's involving himself with

February 17-23
Ms. Moneypenny assumes her desk behind the Avengers
Natasha muses on a Valentines aftermath
Granny Green's back in action
Molly's midnight musing
Julian what did you do to your hands

February 24-28
- Admiring an effigy, encountering Dr. Connors
A run-in with a certain shouty young alien
- Looks like Rikku's in a bit of a predicament
- Time for a long talk with Bradbury
- Cross, what are you doing

March 1-9
Quentin, please

March 10-16
Spidey has a bit of a confession
Cross is missing, Danger has a Timcampy she wants gone
Things are looking a little rough for Lil

March 17-23
Bradbury's birthday party, cornering Madison

March 24-31
Cross calls by accident
Dressing like a Harlequin novel
Silva is as a man on a mission

April 1-6
Signing autographs at the charity auction
Trying to get back a lost set of puppets from Quentin

April 7-13
Welcoming in a new member to the X-Club
A hint of Cross on the network
Kenzi thinks about growing older
Clint's wedding plans
Giving Rapunzel some guidance on her future
Coffee and Molly, Molly and coffee

April 14-20
Curt's improving and getting an invitation to X-Club
Callie drops a hint about anti-Vulcanus affairs
Danger's back and Lil's out of patience
DOI Meeting
Questioning Callie on the planned methods
Outlining his skills, what he brings to the mission
Discussing the matter with Julian

April 21-30
Operation Golgotha is go

May 1-11
Kurt spills info on Vulcanus

Clint & Bobbi's wedding
- Prepping the groom
- Sorry for being a cat, Gilbert
- Valeria enjoys cake, squints at weddings
Archer forms his own investigation
Steve but you're a baby

May 12-18
The DOI's England excursion is underway
Debriefing with Julian afterward
And having a parlay dinner with Quentin

May 19-25
Jack Has terrorist problems at NOHoPE

June 9-15
A new Captain aboard the deck
There's room in this town for countless Dr. McCoys
Quentin does puppets
A sleeping surprise in the lab one afternoon
Out at prom, meets a young cat-troll, tries to get Archer to relax

June 16-22
NOHoPE announces some changes
On an Antarctic expedition, investigating further
Debriefing with Tony on the way home

June 23-30 - NEW VESUVIUS
Talking down Rua
Talking Down Davesprite
Talking down Cyd
Interviewing with Pink
Talking everyone down is a lot of work, Bobbi
Mind control brawl at Bradbury, Kirei

July 1-6
Metaing with Abed

July 7-13
Planning the move forward with Angie
Lil's man troubles
Giving Dan the tour
Gil wonders about exPortation
Caboose meets a blue thing

July 21-27
Jack plays catch-up for everyone on Vulcanus business
Birthday announcement, with special guest star Cross
Gil comes by to make a delivery

Julian's having size problems

and then i dropped.