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NAME: King
AGE: 24
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CHARACTER NAME: Dr. Henry Phillip McCoy, "Hank" to his friends
FANDOM: X-Men/Marvel 616
ALTER EGO: Hank has tried the secret identity route before, but his unique physiology provides certain obstacles to it. In the past he's used various methods, from disguises to image inducers, but ultimately he decided that the facade wasn't for him. It's cost him too much in the past already. He wears his identity on his sleeve, even given this new chance to try it again. He's already familiar with the kind of reactions that come with his appearance, he's been dealing with them his entire life.
He'd probably seek employment in a field he specializes in, particularly biochemistry or medicine.

Hank was born to Norton and Edna McCoy in Dunfee, IL. Unlike most mutants, his condition was apparent from birth, manifesting through greatly enlarged hands and feet. It is believed that an accident his father had while working at a nuclear power plant may have jumpstarted Hank's mutant gene. From a young age he displayed a voracious appetite for learning, his curiousity leading him to explore how everything around him worked, from the school bus at his elementary school to animatronics at a local carnival.

With his mind occupied by academics, he never paid much attention to sports, until one day when his school's football coach, desperate of his team's losing streak, goaded Hank into trying out. His athletic aptitude discovered, he became the star quarterback when he turned the season around, gaining the nickname "The Boy With The Golden Arm". But this didn't get the attention just of college scouts, as Hank's prowess also caught the eye of the supervillain Conquistador. In an attempt to recruit Hank to steal components needed to power a super-weapon, Conquistador kidnapped Norton and Edna. Hank thwarted him with the aid of the X-Men and accepted the offer to join them at Xavier's school, though he was livid to find it came at the cost of having any memory of him erased from everyone he knew. Taking the codename "Beast", Hank had many adventures with the team before his graduation, and developed close friendships with his classmates, Bobby Drake especially.

Hank was the first graduate of Xavier's to leave Westchester after being offered a job as a biochemistry researcher for the Brand Corporation. Having developed a hormonal compound that triggers genetic mutation, his work came to the attention of the Secret Empire, whose agents, including Hank's direct superior Carl Maddicks, had infiltrated the company. In order to keep it from falling into the wrong hands, Hank ingested the serum himself, transforming into a simian creature with grey fur, a beast true to his namesake, now much stronger and with a hyperactive metabolism that could even heal bullet wounds in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to reverse the process in time, and found himself stuck in this new form.

After spending some time haunting Brand Corp trying to thwart the Secret Empire, all the while maintaining his identity and seeking a cure for his new condition, he found his healing capabilities slowly dissipating. Grievously wounded in a fight with an agent of the Secret Empire, Hank fell into the care of Patsy Baxter, wife of the AAF captain brought in to oversee security after the company’s recent incidents with the Beast. When he awoke, he found his fur had changed to blue. Having discovered his secret, Patsy convinced Hank to tell her the whole story and struck a bargain with him: She'd help protect his identity, but in return she'd call him back on the favor later.

Eventually the Secret Empire put their master plan into action, capturing mutants to drain their powers, which they’d use to charge a doomsday weapon. Hank was among the captives, but they were freed once Captain America thwarted the scheme. Sometime later, missing the camaraderie of being on a team, Hank joined the Avengers, with whom he gained acceptance from the public for the first time since his football career. This was perhaps bolstered by his decision to make his identity public, given his physiological change made keeping a secret identity far too much trouble. During his time with the team, he returned the favor to Patsy Walker, who had recently divorced from Captain Baxter, by helping her become the superhero Hellcat. He also became good friends with Wonder Man, and assisted the team in their debate against Henry Peter Gyrich, when tried to get them shut down. All the while, he still kept in contact with his old friends from the X-Men and accompanied them on a few adventures, most notable their fight on the moon against the Shi’ar Imperial Guard, in defense of Phoenix.

After a while, Hank decided his time in the Avengers was done. Hoping to devote his time to more scientific pursuits instead, he offered his spot on the team to Tigra. Unfortunately old habits die hard, and before long he'd fallen in with the Defenders, along with fellow X-Men Angel and Iceman. Hank, along with Valkyrie, helped the Defenders become a more cohesive team under the guidance of Candy Southern, until an incident with the Dragon of the Moon broke the team apart. Hank returned with Bobby and Warren to the X-Men.

Disapproving of the role Magneto was given at Xavier's school at the time, Hank and the other four original students (including a newly returned Jean Grey), formed their own team. Posing as the mutant-hunting group X-Factor, they would receive calls about endangered mutants, then move in as the renegade mutant team X-Terminators to rescue and train those mutants in the use of their powers. Shortly after their first mission, Hank was kidnapped by his former colleague Carl Maddicks, who was seeking a cure for genetic mutation for the sake of his son, Artie. Tricking Hank into completing the formula, Carl then used him as a guinea pig, putting him through a rigorous series of tests that nearly killed him, before he was finally saved by the rest of the team. When the bandages they found him in were removed, they found his fur had all gone and he had reverted to his original human form.

Things were complicated further for Hank when, during a fight with Apocalypse's Four Horsemen, he was touched by Pestilence, and the virus passed to him had an odd interaction with Maddicks' serum. While his strength increased exponentially, it came with the drawback that every time he used it, it would gradually drain his intellect. His dwindling ability to think strategically proved quite an obstacle when the team's public relations specialist, Cameron Hodge, revealed that X-Factor's campaigns were created to deliberately stir up anti-mutant sentiment to fuel his own hate group, The Right. After thwarting their efforts, X-Factor went public with Hodge's scheme to try to counteract the damage, and started acting openly as mutant heroes.

Soon after, a woman called Infectia, who could rearrange molecular structures through physical contact, had designs on X-Factor's living Ship. She'd captured Iceman, and while unsure of how her powers would affect another mutant, she would've made Bobby her next subject if Hank hadn't dashed in and intercepted the kiss. Combined with the previous two changes he'd gone through, Hank's entire physiology was in a painful flux, but when it finally stabilized he found himself blue, furry, and ape-like again, but with his full intellect restored and with more strength than he'd ever had before.

Eventually, the time came when the bridges were mended and X-Factor folded back into the X-Men proper, though due to the sheer size of the group, they still divided into two teams. Hank was assigned to the Blue Strike Force. Though when Stryfe released the mutant-targeting Legacy Virus upon the world, Hank devoted the majority of his time to developing a cure. In his desperation, he even took to sharing information with the evil mutant geneticist Mr. Sinister, though the results were inconclusive and Hank quickly came to regret it.

His efforts were stalled when an anonymous tip turned out to be an ambush by the Dark Beast, Hank's expatriated counterpart from an alternate universe where Xavier never formed the X-Men and Apocalypse ruled the world. In order to hide his existence from Sinister, who might recognize his methods as a continuation of Sinister's own, Dark Beast sought to hide in plain sight by replacing Hank. Hank was left in a walled-in closet for weeks, with no food and little water, before the ruse was discovered and Hank was rescued.

Though Moira McTaggert died while conducting her own researching the virus, she'd made critical findings while studying a mutant strain Mystique had developed, and working from these notes, Hank finally found the cure he was looking for. Unfortunately, the only way to release it was the same the virus had originally spread: through the death of a mutant. Hank resolved to start from scratch and find a different way around this, but he never got the chance. Colossus, whose sister had succumbing to the virus years earlier, secretly injected himself with the cure that night, sacrificing his life.

Disheartened by this pyrrhic victory, Hank left with Storm's team on their quest to find the diaries of Destiny. His time with the team was cut short, though, when they came into conflict with a mysterious and powerful man named Vargas, who killed Psylocke and left Hank grievously wounded. He wouldn't have survived except that Sage jumpstarted his latent healing factor, and while this stabilized his injuries, he was still required to return to Westchester to recover. It wasn't long before Hank found that when Sage activated the one power, it triggered other dormant levels of his mutation, further transforming him into a much larger feline form.

It took some time for him to adjust to this, especially with the fears, fanned by Cassandra Nova, that this was one more stage in a continuing devolution. But it was in this form that he would assist the relief efforts in Genosha, work with new students at Xavier's ever-expanding school, and use his visibility in both the mutant and superhero communities to speak out for mutant rights. He formed a strong friendship with Emma Frost when she joined the faculty, even collecting and reconstructing her diamond form when it had been mysteriously and maliciously shattered.

After M-Day, Hank did everything he could to find a way to save mutantkind from its sudden position on the brink of extinction. When his efforts with the Avengers' scientists proved fruitless, he turned to the villains. While those he approached rejected him, Dark Beast offered his assistance while Hank was investigating the ruins of the Neverland compound, and the two formed an uneasy alliance. After following every lead they could, including the scouring of corpses from Genosha for any sign of the missing X-gene, they finally came to blows when Dark Beast tried to expand their studies to living subjects. Downtrodden and having crossed more lines than he even could draw anymore, he resolved to seek the advice of Doctor Strange, given the problem had begun with magic in the first place. After being assured once more that there was nothing he could do, and meeting a woman that may have been Wanda Maximoff in Transia, Hank conceded to the futility of his quest. He returned once more to Westchester to devote his time to those mutants who were still alive and powered, but not before giving the victims of Neverland the respectful burial they deserved.

Hank was with the X-Men when they moved to San Francisco and helped established their headquarters there. He later, with financial backing from Angel, established the X-Club, a group of scientists specializing in genetic mutation, to revisit the topic of reversing M-Day. Consisting of Doctor Nemesis, Kavita Rao, Madison Jeffries and, until his death, Yuriko Takiguchi, the group developed time travel technology to help them collect samples, but plot complications in the process kept them from fully utilizing it.

When Norman Osborn took power, he took the initiative to run the X-Men out of not only San Francisco, but all of America, by forming his own team of X-Men to confront them. As a part of this plan, Hank was captured while trying to stop an anti-mutant riot, and Osborn had given him to Dark Beast to use as a test subject for his Omega Machine, which drained the powers from mutants to provide energy to Michael Pointer, Weapon Omega. After enduring days of torture which left him in a weak state, losing most of his hair and even a few claws, he was finally rescued after Cyclops had played his gambit to move the X-Men to their own island, where they established a sovereign mutant state called Utopia.

After recovering from his injuries, Hank put the X-Men behind him, having lost patience for Cyclops' leadership and the militaristic direction he'd taken the team in. He's currently a science officer for S.W.O.R.D., working under his girlfriend, Commander Abigail Brand.

Hank, if anything, is enthusiastic. He has a boundless passion for science, life, and people which he'll never hesitate to share with those around him. He tends to get excited over little details, and yearns to understand how everything in the world works. He is good-natured and laid-back, and while he is brilliant, he's more than a little bit of a clown. The only thing he loves more than laughing is to spread that laughter to others.

Balancing a strong commitment to both science and his own ethics, Hank deeply enjoys what he does, and he's terribly good at it, too. On some level he still believes that he can solve any problem if given enough time, but he's faced enough difficult obstacles over the years to give him a more practical outlook, for the most part. Unfortunately, this means he's made associations in the past that he hasn't been proud of, but he always did his best to preserve his ethics as well as he could through the hardest times.

This has not left him without his battle scars, though. Having been in the superhero business a long time, he's been through a lot and still carries the baggage from all of it. Being such a public figure in the mutant community has given him influence, but has also made him a target in a lot of ways. It will make him sullen if he focuses on it too much, and he hides a lot of bitterness behind that fuzzy blue smile.

Enhanced strength ~ Hank's muscles are developed to the point that he can bench-press between 25 and 50 tons. They also allow him to leap to astounding heights.
Supreme agility ~ Able to run at speeds up to 100mph, Hank also has unparalleled flexibility, coordination, reflexes, and balance in both his arms and legs, though his dexterity has been reduced to some degree from his previous simian physique. He uses these abilities to employ his own unique style of acrobatic combat.
Accelerated regeneration and durability ~ Hank has the ability to withstand superhuman blows, though his ability to regenerate dead or damaged cells can also repair mild to moderate injuries within the span of a few hours.

Hank also has a unique anthro-feline physiology, looming at a full seven feet tall when standing upright, and about six hundred pounds of thick blue fur and muscle. This form also grants him razor-sharp teeth and claws, as well as low-light vision and hearing and smell approximately twenty times greater than a normal human.

This is quite an extraordinary situation I find myself in, though I can’t say I’m especially fond of it. While it is factual that I am no stranger to being whisked away to other worlds to provide some elucidation to their problems, something about this one is unique. Too much like our own, but with small changes. The problems are bigger, more complicated, and without an easy solution. There is no big scary monster we can simply rebuke and send on its way in order to be granted our own safe passage home. It’s true there are monsters to be dealt with, but it’s the “getting home” part that presents a larger dilemma, as there doesn’t seem to be any clear end to it. A dilemma I perhaps should research a solution to. There are others here, some I know and others I don’t, who have knowledge of the sciences like my own, pooling our efforts would be the first step.

But, in the meantime, the only reason I’m even here is due to this world’s need for heroes, and that is not a need I can ignore. It’s not only a question of what I can do on a small scale to address individual incidents, but adopting a broader view on how things I do might ameliorate the circumstances that produce them, and make the more localized issues more accomplishable for others.

But while this is a world nearly identical to my own, it is still divergent. How far do those divergences go? Am I even operating from the same set of physical laws that my world employs? And not only that, but there’s an entire universe beyond this world, subtly different from mine. Just imagine the vast knowledge this could grant to the one who simply bothers to seek it! Clearly I have an ample need for study, a multitude of boundaries to test, and much to learn. :3

(I’m still researching and experimenting with the etiquette behind these “emoticons”. I know it may seem anathema for a dedicated grammarian such as myself to employ them, but I find they carry a particular brand of whimsy that words alone fail to convey.)

The room was smaller than Hank was used to these days, but he’d lived in smaller before. It was a palace compared to the apartment he had back in college, which put him one up on the Drenx, he thought, chuckling to himself. The first thing he noticed were the ceilings, empty of anything but a simple light fixture. This just wouldn’t do.

He might eventually carve out a space for a private lab, but there were basic amenities to see to before he’d be able to afford the supplies he’d need for that. In truth, he considered himself lucky that housing wasn’t something he’d have to worry about, given the budget he was on. He’d come to this world with little more than the shirt on his back, so a change of clothes seemed like a top priority, but also an expensive and inconvenient one.

Crossing the bedroom, he glanced inside the closet. Bare, as he expected, save for a shelf at his chin-level and a bar beneath it for hanging shirts. There’s no way he’d fit in a closet that size, but if he moved the bar elsewhere? After testing it a bit, he decided it probably wouldn’t support his weight. Yet another thing he’d have to take care of if he intended to make this place a home.

He leaned against the closet doorway and did a few quick calculations, estimating how he’d make this work, when he noticed the bed. From the size of it he wondered if he hadn’t been expected, prepared for. And only then, in that quiet, quiet room, did it hit him how much he really missed Abigail.

But he couldn’t dwell on that. Too many things to do, too much to take care of if he expected to grow at all accustomed to this place. He had to keep moving and not dwell on the immensity of this situation if he expected to get through it. Obviously, idleness would do him no good, he’d have to find something to occupy his time and his thoughts. If he couldn’t set up a lab in his apartment with his present resources, clearly he’d need to find access to another. As he headed out the door, he resolved to find himself employment as soon as was possible.

Hank has a penchant for hanging upside-down while he works. This isn't because his work particularly lends to one hanging upside-down, he just...likes hanging upside-down.