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i should really do one of these because my threads tend to be scattered to the four winds

December 5-11
Reconnecting with Kurt
Dinner with Wanda
Welcoming Dr. Strange
Chatting with Misty
Selina fills in a few blanks
Meeting Babs, oversharing
Chatting with Angelica, and an unpleasant run-in with Crane
RSVPing to Edgeworth's party and Finally meeting Remus
Welcoming Spider-Man
Visiting the Xavier Institute
Meeting Calvin
Reacting to Logan's brawl with Lust then talking to Selina about it
Mutie is not acceptable
Inviting Dr. Strange and Spider-Man over for tea

December 12-18
Trolling Wesley Gibson?
Discussing holidays with Diana
Congratulating Commissioner Maza
Talking NYC weather with Mozenrath
Welcoming Dr. McNinja
Informing Julian of the Institute
Reassuring Shinji
Fashion tips from Slipstream
Consoling Bobbi after Clint is exPorted
Hank becomes a holiday troll! His targets: Electro and Shock-Headed Pete! His allies: Selina!
Helping out the Maxx
Trying to understand Zoidberg's holiday panic
CROSSING THE STREAMS D: Hank offers Electro cookies, they end up being directed to Aftershock instead
...Who Hank just saw committing robbery on cam! D: DRAMA
Talking to Rachel about exPorted friends
Trolling Santo as only a teacher could
Hank unveils his master plan with the holiday album!
Disappointed to hear that Wanda's in Africa
Offering Darkdevil help with the Honesty Bug
Offer accepted, Hank helps Darkdevil with the Honesty Bug
Making sense of alternate universes with Mary Jane
hank you are trolling the mayor, what are you doing

December 19-25
More details about the holiday album
Finds out Steve was here only to hear he's gone.
In the lobby with Spider-Man, Trowa, and Dr. Stein
Dinner with Rachel and Spider-Man
Discovering they're trapped! featuring James Rogers and Ysera
Analyzing the boundaries, plethora of guest-stars
Bothering Sirius while hanging on the ceiling
Finally. sleeps.
Posts to Network, cancelling the recording session (well, trying)
The next night, Spider-Man calls him in to help Rachel when she gets in trouble
Chats a bit with Remus (handwave accepts a job at the Institute)
Tries to prevent a fight between esper!Terra and Zoro

Embarrassed, Hank reschedules the recording session
OH FUCK SCOTT IS HERE D:< (bonus complaining to remus)
Oh Julian, wanting to start an X-team
Playing Santa with Rachel and Kurt

December 26-January 1
Holiday wishes to and from Sooraya
IC song meme from the Hood
Hank is working on the benefit album all this week. In recording sessions, in the studio working on mastering, etc etc.
He only leaves for about an hour or two to make The Avengers New Years Party.
Doesn't really talk to anyone, but gives Wanda his regards

January 2-8
Congratulates Selina on going public with testimony against Osborn
Greets Sentry, finds out his dog is missing
Hank is teaching now! Discussing classes with Eleanor
Avengers talk about Sentry! with Thor, Bobbi, and Pietro
Telling shaggy dog stories to the Joker so he won't kill people D:
Final album announcement, still looking for Sentry's dog
Discussing Eleanor's Calculus placement
Speculating on the odd state of the moon with Kate Bishop

January 9-15
Reacting to Spider-Man's apparent disappearance
Job consultation with Lion-O
Discussing dogs with Harley Quinn
Hey there, Hercules!
And now the moon is okay again...?
Following up with Eleanor
Weird animal epidemic? Hank noticed. 1 2 3 4 5 6
Brings the topic up with the other Avengers
DNA tests for the animal thing
Talking about bad weather with one blonde, Jessica Wakefield
and then another, Stephanie Brown
Looks like a resignation may be in order :(
Kurt takes him out for drinks
These shadows are pretty much bad news, Stephen
Dark Beast go away :(
Chattin also with Reilly

January 16-22
Trying to settle the issue of Eleanor
Rachel's going away for a bit
Talking politics with Manchester Black
Hank'll be leaving for a bit, too

January 23-29
But wait, is that Mr. Keller? Again?
Greetings from Darfur!

January 30-February 5th
Dating services? I couldn't possibly!
Meeting Waller
Joker Pie?
Discussing Traumatic natures

February 6-12
Tea and sympathy for Pietro
Discussing Romeo & Juliet

February 13-19
Angelica's return
Meeting the new Spider-Woman in town
Talking anthropomorphism with Santo, idky
Quite an amusing display from Kimiko
Cultural differences between holidays
oh god blind date what was he thinking
Helping to enroll Ari
Finally meeting with Scott
An assembly of heroes, planning their future plottery
Talking ballet with Waller
Talking to Yoite
Job advice for Houston

February 20-26
ooc: Counseling plotting post
Kurt's gone ;_;
Catman's an asshole, Zatanna makes an ill-advised defense
ooc: More Avengers planning
On a date with Wall
Discussing magic and Marvels with Houston
Ggio's cupcakes
Excited for Angie/Pietro's wedding then talking kitchens with Sanji
Terra and death
Hey Vader plus Wildcat and Ted
Lily's got troubles

February 27-March 5
Laura's in
Kirk happens, and the crowd goes wild
Even in Kimiko's post
Arcade's science things
Ari's having trouble adjusting
James is jobhunting
Momiji's had it rough
Terry's after a new teacher
Tyler Durden you are a horrible person
Hank has always wanted to say this
Getting our science on against that hate-gas
Hot tip from Jaime
Hands and history with Trowa
Never hurts to have a little success
Then running off to play mommy at Rachel

March 6-12
Wanda's gone :(
It's taken him three months, but he's finally calling out Osborn
Meets Peter, trolls Eddie
Cat People
Hundred's not used to this kind of gig
Birthdays and Lily
Angie and Pietro's wedding!

March 13-19
Vivi's thinking about school
And comes in for a visit
Nill's feeling lonely
Third date with Amanda? Looks like it
Talking science with Ryan
Kurt's back!
Simon Tam you are so obvious
Hank and Gar know about funny colored animals
Hang on to your ego, Tony

March 20-26
Oh hi Uhura
Kate is trying to bake
Ryan's got the right idea
Chance encounter with an Esper
Houston's as good a hero as any
Annabeth's run into some weird magic
Lassiter, that beard will only get you trouble
Hank and Amanda experience the magic together

March 27-April 2
Entertaining angels
Catching Lily's singing
Talking ethics with Stein
Rachel isn't announcing someone else's departure for once
goddamn durden stfu

April 3-9
Ruka's looking for patterns late at night
Random relationship thoughts from Whiskey?
Harry Dresden, fanboy

April 10-16
Letting Freedom Ring
James misses Gerry :c
So Hank visits him at Avengers Mansion
Red Queen's thinking about school
So Hank comes in to meet with her and Jack
Hank makes the first move with Amanda for basically the first time ever
Explaining magic to Eridan...through SCIENCE!
Thor what did you do
Hercules you are not helping

April 17-23
Amanda has a lot to spill
A City in crisis! Hundred, you have people for that
Hank has a school to take care of
A spectacular and/or amazing return!
Stephen, this is getting out of control

April 24-30
Legal action against Bender? Where do I sign?
Oh Momiji, why so lonely :c

May 1-6
Megamind, how we be blue
Talking mutants with Bobbi
Bob pays a visit
Jessica needs a doctor, Hank is a doctor!
so he springs into action!
And publicly confronts the attacker, Gamzee
Then seeks further information from Aradia

May 7-13, KID WEEK
Breaking his comm, meeting Peter
Running into May with Peter, also Matt and Jessica
And then Ted!
Chilling at May's apartment with the other babbies
Fixing the comm, saying hi to the Network!
The whole thing has Ruka feeling down
Harry pays a visit

May 14-21
Quite a thing to wake up to
But it won't keep him from Lily's birthday party!
This Crabhammer jive don't fly
Spidey doesn't think so, either
So we spring into action!
ooc: prom plotting

May 22-28
Making plans with Amanda
Topher's got the clinic now, Hank is unsure
Tom is a meme now?

May 29-June 4th
Out with Amanda and some of her co-workers

June 5-11th
chatting with Betty, comparing notes
Remus is retiring :c
PROM LOG: Kicking with Amanda in the front seat
Punching out Blake in the backseat
Which seat will Bob take?

June 6-18th

June 19-25th
humanface consults with Jaime about monster attacks
Mystique is here, humanface introduces himself, then chats with Kurt about it

Enough of humanface, let's greet the Joker :|
i want to make a pun off the name Solo but nothing's coming to mind
Fat kitty being fat
Jamming with Anders about healing stuff

June 26-July 2
Chatting with Amanda about his new suite
On disguises, shame, assimilation, hiding, with Raven
And Selina mentions Hodge, oh dear

July 3-9
At the TARDIS party
- Grilling with Ted
- Chilling with Destruction
- Finally saying hi to Julian
Donna is here and she needs a doctor!
Busy doctor times, now it's Fugue who needs one! but not for herself
This DOI handbook could stand to be kinder
Spidey's back, hi Spidey!

July 10-16
Bob's just got a lot of feelings okay

July 17-23
A dreamtime visit from Anders
Hank's thinking about security
Avengers at the Aleutian rescue
Asking Raven about this Charles, offering her a job
Welp, might as well introduce himself to this Professor X

July 24-30
The City picks up a Wind Dancer

July 30-August 6
Raven comes to see about that job
Pumping Deconnick for what info he can
Reilly let's talk about cooking
Sup Shulkie how's things?
Amanda feels it's time to celebrate
Sometimes things just rub him the wrong way, right now it's what Knock-Out's insinuating to Ghost
Welcoming Jean-Paul, running into Erik
A few questions for Baroona

August 7-13
Wishing Peter a happy birthday!

August 14-20
School could be entirely beneficial, John!
Jade's excited about it, see?
Michael successfully discovered his powers!
And Lua is curious about hers

August 21-27

August 28-September 3
Oh Bob :c
Kyo's trying to work things out
Amanda wonders about the nature of resurrection
Working on a cure for Gerry with Freedom Ring and Spidey
Baroona stops in to see the school
Pietro wonders about the consequences of powers
Buffy misses her sister

September 4-10
Momiji has a secret to share
Charles has a somewhat...archaic approach to teaching
Stein's food issues
Vector's shards are out of control so Hank gets a hold of one

September 11-17

September 18-24
Back to life, back to reality

September 25-October 1
GLaDOS what even are you
Given Carol the rundown
Good lord, it's a Namor

October 2-8

October 9-15
Oh it's Bobby! ...But he's little?
Sanji has some inquiries
A resurgence of powers is achieved!

October 16-22
Pietro's complaining about the tube
Bucky provides an opportunity to troll both Namor and Charles in one fell swoop
Return of the Thunder-God

October 23-31
What is Peter doing?

November 1-5
Really, Joker, who do you think you're fooling here?
Oh god, not Reilly!

November 6-12
Erik and Charles have new digs
Talking shop with Angie, considering expansions
With Amanda, how the City makes it easier to work through problems
Trying to wrap his head around Poison Ivy

November 13-19
Suave Star Trek spy-tailors, they don't get much better than Garak
Oh look it's Logan
Chilling with Amanda, kitty-times once more
Introducing himself to Mariko

November 20-26
Holidays are upon us, you know what that means
Zeroing in on Scarecrow on Thanksgiving
And then off to an Avengers party!
Monster asks after species stuff

November 27-December 3
Let's bring the non-cat into the fold...
Bickering with Black Mist Astral
Callie, that is his catchphrase!
Dragging oneself out for the holiday album recording

Hank's relationship Web as of the OOC evening of the 13th, also trolling Spidey
Hashing out issues with Dr. Crane, realizing it wasn't worth it
Horror of horrors, it's Osborn!
Benefit Album poll
Oh hi Lorna
headcanons again
shit about faces
thinking about death
dear_mun about Wall
hank hugs everyone
fanmix meme

hank's story
lending a hand to cassie